uk 49s teatime lotto picks

TeaTime Lotto Result Tuesday 10th-Dec-2019

49,s TeaTime Prediction Today Live Updates 16:55 PM

Hi uk49s players, i am here now today we will upload official uk49s prediction. 49s is a twice daily draw lottery game that take place at Teatime and Lunchtime every day.

UK 49,s

In uk 49s you can bet on 1 to 5 numbers from the 49s each draws. You can Select to play either 6 or 7 number draw wich include boster balls.

Teatime Draw:

 Today TeaTime Prediction:
1 7 13 30 42 46 21

Teatime Draw Take Place At 16:55 PM {UK Time}

Hot And Cold Ball Prediction:

Hot and Cold Ball Numbers reapeted mostly in previous years. So it is considered as lucky numbers.

 Today TeaTime Prediction:
49s TeaTime Lotto Results Tuesday 10th-Dec-2019

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