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The latest lotto results are recently announced and we have published lotto results for today on this webpage. You can check lottery results and also get detailed information about the national lottery results.
Lotto is the most famous and oldest game, thousands of o people around the world playing lotto since 1994. the national lottery is awarding tons of prizes to the public that’s the reason national lotto is being more famous in the world. It is not only played in its home county but also in the other parts of the world.

Lotto Results

The lotto results take place on Wednesday and Saturday evenings. The draw takes place at 8:PM on Wednesdays and 7:45 pm on Saturday. As lotto results are announced officially, you can check national lottery results here at the exact time. Moreover, you can also get all the detail about this game. if you want to know more about The National lottery lotto game then scroll down to know more about this game.

How to play the lotto


Playing the lotto is simple and straightforward. Simply, you have to choose six numbers from 1 to 59 numbers. If you want to play the lotto you need to follow few simple steps to play the lotto. theses steps are as a fellow.

• You can choose six numbers from 1 59 numbers. You can also choose a number manually or you can use lucky dip
• You have to decide, how many lines you want to play? You can ply up to seven lines on a single slip
• you need to buy a ticket for lotto results before the cut-off time.

Lotto HotPicks


Lotto hot Picks is a different game and it is played based on lotto draw numbers. But this game offers you a flexible way of playing and winning. In lotto hot Pick plyer can invest as they want to win. You don’t need to join the lotto game to play the lotto hot pick. It is another game. Lotto hot pick draw takes place every Tuesday and Friday.

How to play lotto hot pick?


As above we have explained lotto hot pick is not a part of the National lotto it is another lotto. It has a different method of playing and winning. For example, if you buy a Match 4 entry, you only win anything if you match all four of the numbers you choose.

Bonus ball

When playing for the lotto you need to match at least six main numbers to the lotto results. On the other hand, if you match only five numbers in this case. The bonus ball is the extra number that provides you an extra winning chance. But you don’t need to pay the ticket cost for it.

Prize details


If luckily, you have won the prize, then how much can you win from lotto results? If you match six main numbers you can win a jackpot prize. For other prize details, you can check the table below.

Lotto colors


Lotto is played in different colors balls. These colors create a difference between the draw Wednesday and Friday. If you want to check the detail of lotto colors you can in the table that Is given below.
History of Lotto

Lotto is most famous in European game that is awarding lots of prizes to the general public. Lotto is awarding the people since 1994. Because of its amazing features, the lotto is being more famous from time to time.

How to claim for lotto

If you have won the lotto results you can claim your winning amount within 180 days from the date of the lotto draw. After 180 days the amount of winning will be deposited to the national lottery account. But the method of claiming the amount depends on the method of playing or the size of the prize. Lets us check how can you claim for lotto winning am9ut.
If you have bought a lottery ticket from any retailer shop and you have won the lottery results. You can receive your winning amount any time from the retailers. If you have won the jackpot you can contact the national lottery office.
If you have joined in lotto via the online method you can receive your amount of wing direct in your bank account. In case of a bigger prize jackpot, you can contact the national lottery head office.

Lotto Good Causes

Lotto’s main source of earning is collecting money by selling these tickets. Lots of people buy a lotto ticket. In this way a National lotto collect lots of money by the lotto results every week. A big part of lotto income goes for good causes. The amount goes for the welfare work like education, health, and others.
If you want to know more bout the lotto shortly you can check the answers to the questions that people mostly asked online.


What time lotto draw takes place?
The lotto results take place on Wednesday and Saturday evenings. The draw takes place at 8:PM on Wednesdays and 7:45 pm on Saturday.
How to play the lotto?
There are one to fifty-nine numbers in the lotto. You have to math up to six numbers to win the prize. You can also choose a bonus ball. Bonus ball provides you an extra chance of winning.
How much lotto ticket cost?
You have to pay at least £1, per ply. you can also invest more to win.
What is Lotto HotPicks?
Lotto hot pick is another game that provides you flexibility in the game. It is not a lotto but the game is based on the lotto numbers. There is no fixed amount of betting in this game.

That’s all about the lotto results that we have explained above in this post. Moreover, if you want to know about the lottery you can ask to form us through commenting system. Thanks for vising our websites.

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